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Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used and developed over thousands of years.
It uses sterile and very fine stainless-steel needles inserted into the body at defined locations know as Acupuncture or Pressure Points.
There are many of these Points connected to all areas via the natural energy flow of our bodies.
The needles themselves act as a stimulus for the body's natural healing and self-regulation mechanisms to respond to.
The main philosophy behind Chinese Medicine is the aim to bring the body/mind/soul into balance both within and without.
Environments around us and within us need to be taken account of in how they inter-relate. So too are the natural laws of the seasons, the natural and built environments, and other people/relationships.
Holism (everything is connected) and Dualism (Yin and Yang) are underlying principles and philosophically Acupuncture aims to restore Balance, move energy and connect to the whole.

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